Water Line Installation and Repair in Tyler, TX

Do you need work done on your Tyler, TX, water lines? Do you need to run new plumbing lines? Maybe you need to repair existing pipe. Whatever you need, American Plumbing is here to get the job done right.

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Common Issues with Water Lines


Leaky Pipes

This is one of the most common problems homeowners face, period. Especially if you’re in an older home, leaky pipes are inevitable. However, this is also an easily fixable problem if you’re proactive and call a plumber as soon as you notice signs of trouble.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is usually caused by a clog somewhere in your water lines. Often, you’ll find the culprit is near the sink or drain that’s clogged, though we can do a deep dive into your home’s plumbing to make sure.

Burst Pipes

When winter temperatures drop below freezing, your likelihood of bursting pipes increases. Homeowners should properly insulate their pipes and let faucets drip anytime the temperature gets into the low 30s or colder.

How Often Should I Have My Water Lines Serviced?

Getting an annual checkup on your pipes is a great bit of preventative maintenance. Doing annual maintenance is great for water leak detection and can prevent small problems from becoming large ones.

Also, consider getting your pipes cleaned every two years or so. Older homes may benefit from getting this service done every 18 months. Having your pipes flushed can help minimize sediment buildup and prevent inconvenient clogs.

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When Should I Have New Water Lines Installed?

In All Older Homes

Water line repair makes sense in newer homes and for smaller sections of older homes. However, if your home is 60 or more years old, you may well have galvanized pipes.

Galvanized pipes were popular for many years after the Second World War but don’t hold up as well as modern materials. If you live in an older home, you should strongly consider installing new water lines as opposed to trying to fix the galvanized pipes.

If You Notice Discolored Water

No matter the material of your pipes, discolored water spells trouble. If you notice even small discoloration, contact a plumber in Tyler, TX, immediately.

If Clogs Won’t Resolve

Has your drain been snaked countless times? Still getting clogs? You may need to invest in new drain lines to prevent continual clogs.

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