Gas Line Installation and Repair in Tyler, TX

Whether you’re running new gas lines or repairing your current ones, this is a job best left to the professionals. If you need gas line services in Tyler, TX, make American Plumbing your first call.

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Common Issues with Gas Lines


Gas Leaks

Gas leak detection is critical, and it’s important you know the signs of a gas leak. The biggest one is the smell of sulfur. Gas companies put an additive in their gas so that sulfur smell can let you know you have a gas leak. If you smell that, leave your house and turn off the gas immediately.

City Mandated Repairs

If you have a gas leak and live in the City of Tyler and the gas company has pulled your gas meter due to leaks, don’t fret American Plumbing Company is here to help. You will need a licensed plumber to take out a permit with the city and make repairs to your gas system. We can also coordinate with the city Plumbing Inspector for an inspection of your system once repairs are complete so that the gas company can get your gas restored as quickly as possible. Every plumber at American Plumbing is licensed so we are fully prepared to locate and repair your gas leaks and so you can get your gas back on to your property.

Old Age

Your gas lines have a long useful lifespan. In most cases, gas lines are good for a minimum of 30 years and often well beyond that. Eventually, though, they break down. The pipes themselves may still be fine, but your fittings can decay more rapidly than the pipes, causing leaks.

When Do You Install New Gas Lines?

To Replace Aging Ones

Are you running into frequent gas leaks? Do you not get the power to your gas appliances that you used to? Your lines might be beyond repair, meaning you’ll have to run new ones.

To Add a New Gas Appliance

This is the more likely scenario for most homeowners.

Most of your needs for gas line installation in Tyler, TX, are going to be based around adding new appliances.

Whether you’re putting in an outdoor grill, gas water heater, or a full HVAC system, you’ll need to run new lines.

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How Often Should I Have My Gas Lines Inspected?

Generally, every two or three years is enough. If you have an older home or gas lines that aren’t functioning at full capacity anymore, an annual inspection probably makes more sense.

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Can I Fix a Gas Line Myself?

In most cases, no. Repairing gas lines as a DIY project is incredibly complex and potentially dangerous. If you want to do anything beyond capping an old space heater gas line, you should call for professional help.

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