Faucet Repair and Installation in Tyler, TX

Like any part of your home’s plumbing, faucet issues can be more complex than you thought. What starts out as a simple DIY project can leave you in over your head if you aren’t versed in what you’re doing. Even if it’s a simple fix, it still costs you time and energy at a minimum.

If you run into an issue you aren’t prepared for, American Plumbing offers fast and efficient faucet repair in Tyler, TX. Whether it’s just one faucet or every faucet in your house, we’re ready to do the installation work.

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Common Issues with Your Faucet


Leaky Faucet

This might be the most common complaint among homeowners. It’s a simple issue, but it can be a source of constant headaches until it’s fixed.

Often, it’s simply an issue of changing out a washer, meaning any homeowner should be able to perform the task. However, if that doesn’t solve the issue, give us a call.

Low or No Water Pressure

Usually, low pressure is caused by an aerator that’s clogged. Start by switching the aerator out for a new one. If that doesn’t solve the issue, American Plumbing Company can help.


This is a fact of life, especially in older faucets. Faucets are good for roughly 15 years, so if you’ve got faucets beyond that age, they’re susceptible to corrosion, leaks, and clogs, costing you money.

If you want to replace the faucets in your house, American Plumbing Company offers faucet installation in Tyler, TX.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Faucet?

This really depends on the plumbing problem you’re having. If it’s a simple leak or clog, usually a minor repair is all you need.

If your faucet is more than 15 years old or of low quality, it’s almost always best to replace the faucet entirely.

If you don’t want to take that task on for yourself, American Plumbing offers top-notch plumbing services in Tyler, TX.

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