Water Leaks and Gas Leaks in Tyler, TX

You may be happy to DIY your way through most issues in your home. However, your water and gas lines probably stop you in your tracks.

Gas and water leak repair is usually something best left to the pros but it can be helpful to know the signs of a leak.

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Signs of a Gas Leak


Rotten Egg Smell

Gas doesn’t actually smell like rotten eggs. Gas companies put an additive in it so you can easily smell a gas leak. If you smell something sulfuric, it’s likely a gas line leak.

Hissing Sound

This one won’t be as prominent as the rotten egg smell, but is still worth knowing about. That hissing sound isn’t a snake (probably), it’s gas escaping from your lines.

Physical Symptoms

If you notice headaches, dizziness, nausea, or other unusual ailments, it could be a sign of a small leak in your home’s gas line.

What to Do if You Suspect a Gas Leak

Gas leak detection isn’t a guessing game. If you have the smallest inclination you might have a gas leak, you should:

Shut off the gas. If you don’t know where your gas shutoff switch is, now’s the time to learn.

Leave the house and call your gas company. Once you’ve notified the gas company, call American Plumbing for gas leak repair in Tyler, TX.

How Often Should You Have Your Gas Lines Serviced?

Generally, a yearly inspection is all you need. If you have older homes with galvanized pipes, or you’ve had gas leaks previously, a quarterly inspection is beneficial.

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How Serious Are Water Leaks?

Well, it depends. The main difference between a minor leak and a serious leak is when you catch it. Like all potential problems in your home, the biggest difference between a minor and major problem is how quickly you can identify it.

As soon as you notice a leak, you want to schedule a professional plumbing repair appointment. Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you suspect a water leak, look for water pipe repair professionals in Tyler, TX, immediately.

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