Identifying and Repairing Slab Leaks in Tyler, TX

No homeowner wants water damage, no matter how minimal. If you find a small leak in your kitchen, no worries - you can probably fix that yourself.

If you found a small wet spot by your bathroom sink, that’s also fixable. Slab leaks, on the other hand, should always be left to trained professionals.

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What is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is a failure in your home’s plumbing system. The concrete slab foundation that your house sits on has plumbing lines running underneath it. The downside of slab construction is that your plumbing lines are hard to reach and repair should they fail.

If your underground plumbing lines fail, you have a leak under your house, known as a slab leak.

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How Serious is a Slab Leak?

Unfortunately, it’s one of the worst issues you can run into as a homeowner. These sorts of leaks can spell serious trouble if you don’t address them immediately. They’re also one of the more difficult leaks to identify on your own.

At a minimum, a slab leak will skyrocket your water bill. If left unchecked, you can expect serious water damage which leads to cracks in your walls and, eventually, your foundation. With your foundation damaged, your house may shift.

A high water bill doesn’t guarantee a slab leak, but it certainly signals you have a leak. Call American Plumbing as soon as you suspect you may have a leak of any sort.


There are a lot of possibilities behind a leak in your home’s foundation. However, there are a couple that East Texas homeowners should be aware of.


In Tyler, Texas, and the surrounding area, many homes are built on expansive clay soil. This type of soil expands during heavy rain and contracts during dry periods.

When the weather is temperamental, these expansions and contractions can cause your home’s foundation to shift. This process weakens the pipes underneath your house.


While we’re lucky to have so many beautiful homes still standing here in Tyler, aging homes are likely to have slab leaks.

When slabs became popular around the Second World War era, it was cheap and efficient to build. However, as the years go on and your foundation shifts, these leaks become likelier.

Usually the signs of failing copper pipe occurs on the inside of the pipe. Deterioration of coppper occurs over a long period of time. The deterioration can be caused by multiple factors, however you can not see this until you get a pin hole leak. 

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Signs of a Slab Leak

Do you need slab leak repair in Tyler, TX? If you see any of these signs, you want to call a professional immediately.

High Water Bill

This doesn’t mean it’s your slab that has the issue. It almost certainly means you have a leak, though. Regardless, you want to address it as soon as possible.

Floor Discoloration

If your floor develops an odd color or you start to get damp spots on your floor, you almost certainly have a foundation leak. This is unlikely to appear overnight, so check your flooring occasionally for signs of a slow leak.

Unpleasant Smells

Any musty odor or damp, unpleasant smell can signal a leak. It may not be in your slab, but it’s worth having the problem addressed regardless.

Sound of Water Running

You might not be imagining it. One of the warning signs of a slab leak is the sound of water running when the taps are off. If you think you hear water running unexpectedly, give us a call.

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How Do You Fix a Slab Leak?

Slab leak detection in Tyler, TX, should only be left to professionals. If you notice any of the warning signs, give us a call immediately. This is a problem for the pros, and even the most avid DIYer should call for backup here.