Bathroom Remodeling in Tyler, TX

Thinking about doing some repairs in your bathroom? Maybe doing a full bathroom remodel in Tyler, TX? Let American Plumbing help make your bathroom exactly what you want it to be.

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Why Remodel Your Bathroom?


Add Value to Your Home

It’s no secret that keeping your house looking and performing its best raises the value. Home buyers are always wowed by clean, modern fixtures and homes that have clearly been taken care of.

Make Your House Your Home

You might want to remodel for purely sentimental reasons. Maybe you bought your first home and want to make it uniquely yours, fit to your tastes and needs. If you want to personalize your space, a remodel is the perfect solution.

Add Extra Space

Want to turn a half bath into a full bath? Maybe your growing family needs a little extra bathroom space. Having another shower means fewer people fighting for bathroom space when getting ready in the mornings.

When to Remodel Your Bathroom

The standard rule has been every 10 years for a long time. Do you need to follow that? Well, if you want to. Really, there’s no hard and fast rule for when you should remodel.

Doing a partial remodel every 5-10 years isn’t a bad idea, though. You can keep your bathroom fresh and remove unsightly or outdated fixtures.

When you’re ready for a bathroom remodel of any kind, give American Plumbing a call.

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How American Plumbing Can Help with Bathroom Renovations

Let us do the heavy lifting on your next remodel project. Maybe you want to put in a bold claw foot tub or a sleek modern sink. Maybe you want to make your bathroom more accessible with a walk-in shower and handrails.

Whatever your plumbing needs on your bathroom remodel, we have the expertise you need.

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